Thursday, May 10, 2007

I know, I know

I suck at updating my blog! But lets face it my life is boring! Lately it consists of working, feeling sick, going home & immediately putting on my pajamas. I have just been so tired & feeling like crap so I don't want to do anything. Besides, the Utah Jazz games have been keeping me super busy too!

Oh, and whoever came up with the term "morning sickness" is full of it. For me it's more like night sickness or after everything you eat sickness.

We got the ultra sound & we are pretty relieved there is only one babe in there. That also means that it's super healthy. It looks like a black blob that Mike is calling "the Blob" or "Blob belly" (pretty original) and it had a tiny flickering heart beat. I think it's the cutest baby ever! haha. I was so scared there were going to be multiple babies in there that the minute I got to the office I was shaking & I seriously couldn't stop.

The second best news lately is we are BUILDING A HOUSE!!! It is in Eagle Mountain. And we are loving it out there. We had originally thought it was too far away, but after actually going out there decided it is perfect! Our neighborhood is right next to the elemantary school too-bonus. It's so cute & we can't wait to choose all of our things in it! I am kind of scared to see what our total comes to with all the upgrades....hah. We will still be able to get quite a few & a fire place! YAY.