Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets

This year our kiddies were the Wonderpets, one of Lennon's favorite cartoons. Lennon was Tuck the turtle and Holland was Ming Ming the duck. The costumes turned out so cute - especially for deciding to have them be that at the last minute. And espec cause I do not sew...and I made the capes myself! They are not that great, but I am proud of my first solo sewing project. I had already bought the duck costume for Lala months prior. It just so happened Francie had a turtle costume in her stash too, so we brainstormed the Wonderpets! Here's the snapshots from the big night.

It ended up raining all night Halloween, but that didn't stop miss Lennon from going trickortreating! We tagged along for a bit until we were too wet. Then papa stayed out with Len for the rest of the time. They came home only cause Len had an accident! I don't blame her though. Getting candy is VERY important, and it;s easy to forget to go potty! (Plus they were out in the neighborhood nowhere near our house)

These are from the annual Smith family party. Notice how tight my face is from the mask.