Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6 months already!

We can't believe Lennon is already 6 months olds! I know everyone says that, but it really does go by so fast. Here is some info about her so I can add it to her baby book later.

She is rolling all over the place! She first rolled over on May 20th.

She can sit up by her self for a few seconds. Sometimes she is pretty good at staying up. Last week she did it for a long time.

She loves sweet potatoes, sweet peas, apple sauce, carrots & pears. She does not like bananas, but we are going to try them again soon. That's weird because that is about the only fruit that Mike loves!

I fed her carrots on Friday & she had them all over her face. I went to grab a paper towel to wipe her off & I came back and her face was clean. I thought maybe she had wiped it with the bib, until I realized my doggs licked her face clean! Sick, but funny.

We took her swimming for the first time on Friday and she loves it! Then we took her again Sunday so Papa could be there to see her.

She is a very good baby & not too fussy. She puts her self to sleep as long as she can be right shoved into the corner of her crib & has a silky blankie to cover her face. I have no idea where she got her blankie obsession from!

As always some pics of the cutie. She is so awesome & we can't get enough of her :)

the mandatory Chuck T.'s for babies. I found them small enough that they are soft sole. SOOOO CUTE!

The family in the canyons. Not the best pic but the only one of us three.

Our little fishy

Saturday, June 21, 2008

this is free!!!!

To anyone that does not live in Salt Lake, you should for once be jealous! This is our free summer outdoor concert series:

Twilight Concert Series 2008

July 10
The Roots
The Knux

July 17
Andrew Bird
Josh Ritter

July 24
De La Soul
The Cool Kids

July 31
Keller Williams
Yonder Mountain String Band

August 7
Nada Surf
Tim Fite

August 14

August 21
Broken Social Scene

August 28
Neko Case
Crooked Fingers

How awesome is this?! We will be here for sure.

Introducing.............. Gertie Joe

Gertrude Johanna Smith

She's Mikes parents dogg. So cute!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the Peterson's

It's time to admit that I am terrible at keeping up my blog.

Saturday night we went to our friends Brandon & Cami wedding. They were married at Cactus & Tropicals it was beautiful! Their cake was awesome & Camis ring & dress are gorgeous. She ended up getting the ring from Diamonds, where we got ours. Here they are cutting the cake:

Cami collects Pez, you wouldn't believe her collection. Anyway, she had this cute Pez put on her wedding cake:

How awesome is that?!

Here we are getting all dressed up for their big day:

Mama and baby

I love this little picture of Leni. We were at Francies house & she put this necklace on Leni. Jake saw it and said oh Starr she looks so cute, she should take this home with her! He is the sweetest boy.

(PS I know this is a choking hazard. I would never put this on her when I wasn't right there with her.)