Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lennon says

Every day the things Lennon says crack me up! It is so entertaining to be with her so much since I quit my job. I have been blogging her quotes so I won't forget, they are just too funny to not write down!

Yesterday I'm getting her dressed and as she gets naked she sighs really loud and says "getting naked is hard." Yeah it is sweetie! Just keep that in mind as you are getting older, O.K.

I told Lennon she needs to be careful with her Legos because of her sister. She says "babies not around, she's fast asleep."

She told me, "I love you Mama, you're a good baby sitter!"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 year old

It's 7:23 and so far Lennon is cracking me up! She just went potty and she said, "Getting naked is hard." Now we're playing grocery store and her plastic ice cream cone is cracked. I asked her what happened to it and she said, "It's a mystery."

Where does she hear this stuff?! It is so entertaining!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday words of wisdom

This morning is Lennon's Birthday! We were all snuggling in our bed and Holland started crying so Lennon told her, "no crying on Birthdays, no crying on Christmas, no crying on Thanksgiving, no crying on Halloween." It was hilarious! (and now if only she would follow her own advice!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love my girls!

I am so glad I have two girls! So lucky! They are sisters and the bes of friends. Here are a couple of pictures I have snapped lately. I took these for our Christmas cards. Which by the way if you haven't gotten yours it's because I keep forgetting to buy stamps! I promise to mail them off tomorrow. And they are the first Xmas cards I have done since being married for 7 years. I figured it was about time :)

Holland James 7.5 months. As bright eyed as ever! She is sooo cute :)

My big girl! Almost 3 years old. She is so smart and such a great big sister. Holland loves playing with her.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

All day we told Lennon we were going to a Thanksgiving party at Aunt Jeri's house. I guess Lennon imagined a "party" so during dinner she says to us I want to go home - Thanksgiving party is dumb!

(Yeah kid, it is kind of a boring holiday especially when you're young. That's why I called it a party - woops!)

Thanks to the Bischoffs for having us! It was so yummy! We are thankful for all of YOU!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lennon says

Lennon and I wanted Mike to get the Christmas tree out tonight. The weather turned bad and it started to rain/snow so I told Len we couldn't do it cause it would get wet while carrying it in. She thought about it and said "I know, we need the umberellas. I'll find them!" Then she told me "we need to work together to carry it in, Team Work!" HAhahah Hilarious!!

I was telling Len when she turns 3 she needs to get rid of her sippy cups. I told her the birthday is coming soon and she said "I don't want the time to come!"

Grandpa JJ watched her on Thursday and while showing him how a toy worked she matter-of-factly says "that's the idea."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Michael's newest paintings sneak peek

These are amazing! My husband is so talented!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets

This year our kiddies were the Wonderpets, one of Lennon's favorite cartoons. Lennon was Tuck the turtle and Holland was Ming Ming the duck. The costumes turned out so cute - especially for deciding to have them be that at the last minute. And espec cause I do not sew...and I made the capes myself! They are not that great, but I am proud of my first solo sewing project. I had already bought the duck costume for Lala months prior. It just so happened Francie had a turtle costume in her stash too, so we brainstormed the Wonderpets! Here's the snapshots from the big night.

It ended up raining all night Halloween, but that didn't stop miss Lennon from going trickortreating! We tagged along for a bit until we were too wet. Then papa stayed out with Len for the rest of the time. They came home only cause Len had an accident! I don't blame her though. Getting candy is VERY important, and it;s easy to forget to go potty! (Plus they were out in the neighborhood nowhere near our house)

These are from the annual Smith family party. Notice how tight my face is from the mask.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love my Lemon


me:Goodnight sweetheart!
her: goodnight sweetmama!

me:Lennon you're breaking my heart
her:I'm sorry mom.

Mike:I love you Lennon
her:I love you too... it's just you need to be home more.
M:I need to be home more?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer time fun

We have been having a blast so far this summer. Mama went back to work, so every day off we all try to do something fun! Lennon really loves the pools. Holland has still not gotten in, but I'm sure she will soon. Gramaluv got her the cutest swim suit ever so we will have to try it on!

Happy 4th of July!

why is it so fun to put babies in mini adult things? These are Lennon's new sunglasses.

The jelly shoes are killing me too.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cabin Fun with the Watkins

We went to our cabin for the weekend. Arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday. (the drive home ended up taking us 2 extra hours! ahhh the joys of traveling with a newborn!) Our friends the Watkins came up early Saturday morning - in fact they woke us up, which is impressive since it takes 3 hours to get there!!

We spent the weekend 4wheeling & enjoying the fresh mountain air. I love the air and the water up there. It is so nice to just be away from city life for a few days.

Here are some pictures from the trip. I only managed to get the camera out twice!

Cute smile baby! Lennon with her best friend Sophia. She is 3 months older than Leni.

We went on a pretty drive up to the meadows to try and see some elk. All we ended up seeing was this herd of deer, but the drive was gorgeous at this hour.

I love this picture of them & miss Lennon LOVES to 4wheel!

Sophia with Luke

Monday, June 21, 2010

Newborn comparing:

Here are the girls newborn pictures for comparison. They do look sooo similar!

Holland moments after birth:

Lennon in the same position:



Mama and Holland:

Mama and Lennon:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Miss Lennon says

This sassy little girl is awesome! I love age 2.5 (minus the tantrum freak outs)

I have to document the funny things she's said lately. Today she pooped and said "smells like papa" while Mike changed her diaper. Yesterday she threw a tantrum saying "I want to go peepee" over and over and over and over and over. (We were going to the store and she wanted to go on the potty first so she could get a toy, but she couldn't go.)

Pops asked her if she liked Holland and she said "no that's mamas!"

She told me that I "freak out" and "I need my own Pepsi!"

Here are pictures I couldn't resist posting:

Little Miss on the rides at Fashion Place Mall
She insisted on wearing her new sunglasses into the mall!

With Aunt Shannon on the rides

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Here are the girls messing around in their pjs. These pictures made me realize how similar they look. Same eyes, nose & lips!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Holland at 3 and 4 weeks

Holland is such a chunk- she weighs ten pounds now! She is so cute! Her personality is a lot fussier than Lennon was and she LOVES being held. Doesn't really do the swing or the seat, until she's asleep and then you can put her down. We love having her in our family including Lennon! Lennon is totally warming up to her now (thank goodness). Mike asked her today if she loves her baby sister Holland and she said YES! He also asked her if we should give her away or keep her and she said to keep her - yay! I caught her giving her the binky yesterday. She was very patient and held it to her mouth until she had it good.
Yay for sisters!

Almost 4 weeks look at those cheeks :)
3.5 weeks at Liberty Park. I love this picture of her!

3 weeks eyes open. Still blond as ever!

Liberty park fun

Francie and Sam came up to our hood last week so we could take the kids to the park & eat the lunch special at Su Casa! YUM! The kids had a blast swinging & then going on the rides before we left. Lennon threw a major tantrum as we were leaving (see picture). We are now giving her to the count of three to do what we ask or she gets a timeout. It has been working brilliantly (thanks France)! Before that we were just threatening her with you will be in big trouble but then never following through with anything so she never cared. I even heard her playing with some toys saying "you'll be in big trouble".

Looking so damn adorable as we left our house. I may have lost her sunglasses now... NO!

swinging with Sammy Shark
Riding the super sweet cars
Each of them on the airplanes

She chose the pink plane & then later wanted to ride the "shark plane". When I said no this is how she responded:
I wouldn't pay $1.50 for her to ride the planes again. Can you say ripoff?!