Wednesday, September 30, 2009

supporting Utah's crappy zoo!

Hogle zoo makes me sad. Actually the only reason we went is because we have a season pass to Tracy Aviary and the first Thursday of the month you get into the zoo free (technically that's not supporting it?), but it is fun to take Lennon to see the animals. I am dying to go see Zuri, the new baby elephant. I am even willing to pay to see her. Lucky for me it is freezing weather now, so I hope we will get a chance to go see her. Anyway, here's a few shots from a trip to the zoo last month.

Yay! At least we got to see the baby giraffe! She is cute too! She is over 6 feet tall already.

Papa and Lennon (bonus a zebras butt-proof we were really at the zoo!)

Lennon looking cute & a little ragged. Her hair can get out of control fast. But her face is still so sweet.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Just what the world needs is another SMITH- so we are adding one more! We are having a baby in early May. I am about 8 weeks. We are excited/very sick! This time around has been rough so far. Wish us luck with everything because we are dunzos after this. Hopefully it's a boy so we will have one of each. (although I would not mind a girl at all, and we have all the stuff)

I am considering a natural birth. We also threw the idea around to not find out the sex. Mike laughed and said YOU will never be able to handle that! It's a nice thought though. I really don't know how people can wait to find out. Maybe, just maybe, we will be one of those people.

In other news Lennon said a 4 word sentence! I asked her where her treat cup was and she says "treat cup in there." I was shocked! We went in her room and I still didn't see the cup, until she pointed to it and said "there." The girl's a genius! haha! She can draw a perfect circle too. She is obsessed with drawing circles?? And the girl is OBSESSED with Yo Gabba Gabba. Like a crazy obsession. That's what we're being for Halloween-our favorite holiday.