Monday, May 31, 2010

Holland at 3 and 4 weeks

Holland is such a chunk- she weighs ten pounds now! She is so cute! Her personality is a lot fussier than Lennon was and she LOVES being held. Doesn't really do the swing or the seat, until she's asleep and then you can put her down. We love having her in our family including Lennon! Lennon is totally warming up to her now (thank goodness). Mike asked her today if she loves her baby sister Holland and she said YES! He also asked her if we should give her away or keep her and she said to keep her - yay! I caught her giving her the binky yesterday. She was very patient and held it to her mouth until she had it good.
Yay for sisters!

Almost 4 weeks look at those cheeks :)
3.5 weeks at Liberty Park. I love this picture of her!

3 weeks eyes open. Still blond as ever!

Liberty park fun

Francie and Sam came up to our hood last week so we could take the kids to the park & eat the lunch special at Su Casa! YUM! The kids had a blast swinging & then going on the rides before we left. Lennon threw a major tantrum as we were leaving (see picture). We are now giving her to the count of three to do what we ask or she gets a timeout. It has been working brilliantly (thanks France)! Before that we were just threatening her with you will be in big trouble but then never following through with anything so she never cared. I even heard her playing with some toys saying "you'll be in big trouble".

Looking so damn adorable as we left our house. I may have lost her sunglasses now... NO!

swinging with Sammy Shark
Riding the super sweet cars
Each of them on the airplanes

She chose the pink plane & then later wanted to ride the "shark plane". When I said no this is how she responded:
I wouldn't pay $1.50 for her to ride the planes again. Can you say ripoff?!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The past 2 weeks

Two weeks old today


Lennon's first painting. Taking after her papa

I love this picture. Look at how blond her hair is! It is almost platinum!

Getting some sun while she was still pretty jaundiced

Having two kids has been a challenge! I am sure it will get better with time. Right now we are all trying to adjust. Lennon is having a hard time with her new sister. She won't really get close to her or touch her yet! She says to me every day "put the baby down, hold me." OUCH! It makes me feel so bad.

Yesterday at Hollands 2 week Dr. appointment the Dr. took off her cord so now she can take a bath. I gave the girls a bath together today and Lennon was helping to wash her and pour water on her to rinse her off! Hopefully that is a good sign that we're making progress on the adjustment.

2 week stats:
8.9 pounds (she's already gained 1.5 pounds!) 58%ile
21.5 inches 83%ile
head 14.4 inches 63%ile

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holland James it is!

The baby has a new name! It was Holland for the longest time and we're going back to it! It's kind of weird to change it, but she is only a week old and I just keep feeling like I want her original name. We let people talk us out of that name because they said that everyone would call her Holly, but they won't. If they do we will correct them. Holland and Holly are two different names. So DON'T call her Holly! We do love Monroe, but I hated how everyone was not pronouncing it Munroe, they were saying Monnrow in this total Utah accent and it was killing me! Anyway I feel so relieved to not be stressing out over her name anymore. If we have anymore kids we will not tell anyone the name until their birth! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


Tonight Shannon took Lennon for a walk. A neighbor asked her what her name was and she said "I'm Lennon and I have a baby sister!" Maybe she is getting used to the idea, or maybe not....

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Monroe James

Our newest addition arrived Monday May 3rd at 5:54pm. She is 21 inches long and 7.5 pounds. She looks like Lennon through the eyes and then like my family from the nose down. She has strawberry blond hair, which is crazy! It is still curly like Lennon's! Lennon is pretty unsure of her so far, but she is getting a little better. She just doesn't want to hold her or touch her, but she likes to watch her and check her out. When Roe cries Lennon starts doing a fake cry too.

The delivery went great! I got to the hospital at 11:00 and got checked in and in the delivery room. They started me on the pitocin by 12ish and Dr. Terry broke my water around 2. I got an epidural at 3ish and then progressed pretty quick. I think I only had to push about three times and she came right out. Claudia (mike's Mama), My Mama and Shannon were in the room with us. This time I watched the whole thing in a mirror and it was awesome! I am so mad nobody told me that when I had Lennon. But it was so cool and amazing to see Monroe arrive!

We are loving having her here! It is a lot of work with Lennon and I feel like I am neglecting her right now. Luckily my Sisters have been a huge help coming and spending all day over here. My recovery is not the greatest, but she is totally worth it. I am hoping by Monday I will be feeling a lot better.

She is a great baby so far. I really can't get over how light her hair is! Also her eyelashes and eyebrows are white too. Mike, Lennon and me all have black eyelashes and eyebrows and dark brown hair, so it's just so weird. In fact she really looks like she could be one of Francie's kids!

Tomorrow I have to go get her bilirubin checked. I also have to get the little attachment under her tongue cut. Hers goes all the way to the end of her tongue! If she sticks her tongue out far enough, it is like a lizard tongue because of that flap being out so far. I feel bad to go get it cut :(

I am totally loving my life right now. I am so blessed to have another angel in my life to raise and watch grow up! It is such an exciting feeling! I want to spend every second with both of my children.

Here is picture overload (you've been warned)

I LOVE this picture! Look at Lennon studying her new sister. Taking it all in. And Monroe is checking her out too!

Bright eyes

Getting ready to go home! Look at that light hair!

All dressed to go

Leaving the hospital