Monday, April 23, 2007

what the Hcg?!

Well, I figured I would start a blog since everyone else is doing it! It will be a good place for me to post (complain!) about my pregnancy & everything else going on in our lives. This weekend we had to babysit Myrtle Mae, Mikes' family dog. It was really sad because she was on her death bed & could not eat anything and just laid there in misery. Claudia took her to the vet to be put to sleep this morning. Mike and I were crying over her this weekend and we were able to say goodbye.

Well I have been having every other day Hcg levels drawn for this pregnancy. Those of you who care to read this will know my history & the reason why I am being watched super close this time around. The first day 4/17 is came back at 67. The next 4/19 it went to 171. So I had it done Saturday and it skyrocketed to 617! Whatever is in there seems to be healthy :) That's all that matters to us. We will take what we can get at this point! So, I honestly just want to get it done again today to see what it will be at today! It should be doubling every other day, which it seems to be almost tripling. But, it could mean a lot of things. We are super excited to go to our ultra sound on May 3rd to see the heart beat.... & if there are any more than one baby(s) in there! It is exciting. I just wish it would get here sooner. Other than that I am just starving beyond starving. I cannot get full & if I do I am starving again in an hour. I am going to be huge in no time at this rate! We really just hope everythign works out this time. It has been a hard road to get here, so please no more dissapoinments! I feel like there is nothign I can do about it either way, so that's why we are sharing it and not keeping it a secret. Oh, and Wednesday I will be 5 weeks along. This seems like it is going to take forever........

WOW on Wednesday also it will be one year from when Mike & I left for Paris...............SAD! I wish we were back there so bad. I will post some pictures from our trip in our next post. We have a pretty boring life lately so we can pretend that we're in Europe again! :)