Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank goodness

we have this blog! Because of it we were able to save a few of Lennon's pictures. That's right, we got the dreaded news that our hard drive would not be able to be recovered! We are bummed, but what can you do. Mike read about it online and Apple was using a hard drive they purchased from China... It has some kind of malfunction where it starts spinning wrong, then proceeds to scratch your entire hard drive, then nothing is readable.

We had done a back up in February so we still have the majority of our pictures. Now we are trying to get all of the pics our friends and family took of her. It is turning out to be quite a few so really we shouldn't be too mad.

Anyway, after this ordeal Mike has been taking tons of pictures every day! Here are my favorites:

*It won't let me upload them for some reason, so I will try again later

Monday, July 21, 2008

a special thanks

to the person that stole the stereo from my car the other night! In case you were wondering.....I am about to put up for sale! Now it has a rip in the dash, is missing a bunch of pieces & looks totally ghetto!!

UGH, I don't want to replace it when I'm just selling it.

The worst part is I bought the stereo about 9 years ago for 300.00. I would guess now it's worth about 20.00.

I hope karma attacks you!

P.S. I think you're an asshole!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Twilight....are you serious

Am I the only person out there that thinks Twilight is LAME?! Seriously, I have given it a chance, but I do not think I can finish it. I am on page 320 and I keep hoping it will get better. Everyone else I know read it all in one night. I have not even wanted to pick it up - I had to force myself to!

So, tell me what happens in the end. PLEASE! It won't ruin it, I will just know if I want to finish it or not. Honestly if I hear once more how beautiful Edward is or his damn cold hands touching her face I will puke. The way she describes things is getting majorly repetetive.....and driving me insane.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Our computer has bit the dust! After sitting at the Apple store for 2 hours with Lennon (that was a blast) it was determined that the hard drive is not spinning properly. BUT.... the worst part WE CAN't GET OUR FREAKING PICTURES OFF IT! All our pics from February until now are GONE! :( All of Lennon's baby pictures. So, we've shipped our hard drive to California to a drive recovery place. There they will take it apart and try to put it into a different hard drive and pull the pictures off. The best part is it's 900 Dollars! Awesome (I am being totally sarcastic-otherwise I might cry).

The reason I'm posting this is to tell everyone to DO YOUR BACKUPS! Seriously. We never thought this would happen to us. I will die if they can't get those pictures back. I think we have a good chance to get them back. We will keep you posted. In the mean time...... Back up your computers! And not to worry, we will be backing ours up like twice a day from now on!