Thursday, February 10, 2011


Our precious Lala, as we call her around here, can now say Mama & Papa! It is sooo cute :) She is not too into crawling (which is quite nice, not complaining) but she does roll everywhere she wants to go. She sort of scoots around and mostly goes backwards. I know crawling is somewhere soon on the horizon. Yesterday I put her in the Bumbo chair to try to contain her while I got some stuff done and Lennon came running in saying Mom, sisters out of her chair. Sure enough she had maneuvered her way out and was clear across the room! I had a semi freak out for a second wondering where she was until I spotted her. Anyway, we think she's pretty damn cute and we're keeping her!


jamie said...

oh my gosh she is so big! and adorable! i was still picturing you with a brand new baby......has it seriously been 9 months? i cant believe i have never met your kids. when it warms up lets go to the park.

Z and S said...

Where did Lala stem from anyway? She is seriously a mini Lennon. So Cute.