Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hogle Zoo

I really hate going to Hogle Zoo, but I have been trying to do fun things with Lennon before her baby sister rocks her world & we are trapped at home for a while. I completely forgot about the size of the zoo and all the hills, which was really fun pushing her around while nine months pregnant! Oh well, I survived.

The 2 zebras recently died and Lennon was saying "zebras dead" so matter of fact and so loud. Since then she has said when asked what the babies name is "babies dead". Nice!

Here's a couple of pics I took while we were there.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More 2 year old quotes

I took Lennon to Lactation Station yesterday. We walked in and there was a little airplane toy on a high shelf. Lennon immediately says "baby sister would love that airplane. Get it for baby sister". Seriously! How cute and thoughtful she said that & how smart is she?! I can't believe she can make out those sentences!

We have a little pitty that we put her on to try and get her excited about going. So far she hasn't actually gone, but it's hilarious when we put her on it. She gets very serious, kinda turns red trying to go so hard and then says "I can't do it". I am going to film it because it's so funny! I'm sure you have to see it and you will love it too.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Pops & Lennon

Lennon & Chloe jumping on the tramp

Easter morning


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

38 weeks pregnant

And looking super cute!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dying Eggs Pictures

The whole group

Looking hot at 8 months pregnant! haha

enjoying the moment

Today was the best day ever! I got an hour massage with hot stones and it was awesome. While I was driving home I thought hmm I think I'll see about getting a pedicure, there was no wait, so I did! Then when I got home Lennon was being so cute. She told me I went and got tickles and rubs. (I love the way she says rubs!) OH and not to forget Mike and Lennon cleaned the whole house for me "because it would make mama so happy" as Lennon said.

Len got a kick out of my pink toes so I offered to paint hers and of course she obliged! She could hardly sit still 30 seconds so it was tricky. Luckily we were outside too because the bottle got spilled all over!

When I put her down to nap I also took a 2 hour nap! Seriously, the best day ever :) I am trying to cherish my last moments with Lennon before her sister is here. It is going great now that i have this new attitude about it. Plus it is the last time I will be pregnant so i am trying to enjoy that part also!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Check out these super cute hairclips! A friend of a friend makes them. Enter the contest to win some for free too.

Even if we don't win some I'm going to be buying some for Lennon and baby two

Friday, April 09, 2010

36 weeks

But who's counting?...oh yeah ME! I am freaking out about going from 1 to 2! It is scary. Of course I am excited to meet the baby and see her, but I have the normal worries of taking care of two kids & making sure Lennon still feels important & loved. I am sure it will be fine, but sometimes I get nervous about it.

I washed the car seat all out tonight. Whoever wrote the instructions on taking off the cover is a complete moron! I spent almost an hour trying to figure it out. Only to realize the instructions did not even tell me the most important step, which I figured out on my own! I was so close to buying a new one. I'm sure now that I have that all ready she will not come early at all, maybe even late.

We got a double stroller from my Mama & Papa too! It is so funny because Lennon loves it like it's some kind of toy. She wouldn't get out of it at BabiesRUs. We finally convinced her to and told her Papa would bring it home after work. First thing when Mike walks in she says "my stroller" and he ahd not picked it up! We told her the store was closed. We cannot believe her memory! She does not forget one thing you tell her. It is amazing! Anyway, Mike brought it home the next day and it is set up in our living room. She watched cartoons from it this morning! Hilarious.

We took her to the aquarium today which was fun, but way too crowded. They just got penguins there so I guess half of the state had the same idea we did. We had to wait in a line to even get in and Lennon says "too much people!" That was hilarious too. She said it a few more times when we were in line. The penguins are really cute, but not worth that madness. The octopus laid eggs too, so it would be neat to go back and see if any hatch.

Boring post, but at least an update. I will add an easter post soon with pictures.